Elizabeth Zohar



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Elizabeth Zohar is a theatrical Tribal fusion dancer , an independent show producer , dance teacher,  group choreogapher, meditation instructor,  a certified woman’s circle facilitator and a proffesional painter.

Elizabeth fell in love with tribal fusion dance at the age of 22, and couldn’t stop dancing ever since. After a few years of studying in Israel , Elizabeth started traveling all over the world while studying with world renowned teachers such as Ariellah , the Lady Fred, Jill Parker, Miriam Peretz , Kendra katz and Eliran Amar, spending months at a time in California while studying her craft. In addition Elizabeth studies other dance forms such as American Tribal Style Bellydance, Modern dance and Popping.  

She’s been performing in Copenhagen, Milano, Budhapest, Tel Aviv , London and in the United States as a soloist and as a part of Ariellah’s Deshret dance company and Vesna Zorman’s Ambrosia Glam Tribal – as well as producing her own tribal fusion shows and events in Israel.

Elizabeth is allso the creator and choreographer of the Tribal Collective: Israel’s first and only international Tribal Fusion troup! the Tribal Collective is a unique project ,made to bring dancers together from all over the world. the Collective is a collaboration between dancers from Israel, Germany, france, Swדף הופעות תמונה עליונהitzerland, the US, Italy and Belgium.

Her style is seen as a combination of Tribal fusion Bellydance , Dark fusion (a more dramatic, expressive style of tribal fusion created by Ariellah) and her own theatrical accents. Her performances are made to make you laugh, breath, cry, get scared , get inspired or just see life in a different way , in ways you haven’t imagined before..  she sees her dance as art that is made to excite the mind and heart before all –  using tools from all aspects of dance and theatre: theatrical outfits , Tai chi sword dance , fire veil , fire palms and special FX make up to enhance her theatrical p
erformances and take the audiance to unexpected  journeys of  DANCE , emotion and fantasy.

At the present Elizabeth teaches classes  her own studio in Herzelia and in Tel-Aviv, while performing in numerous events in Israel and abroad.



◊ Major Past events 



flyer: Elizabeth Zohar

◊Progstage Festival (Israel) : Performance and Workshop


◊ Halloween dance Macabre (Israel ) : Production and performance

◊ Lumen Obscura Dark fusion festival (USA ) : performance

◊Dance Macabre at the Israely Gothic Festival (Israel) : Production and performance

◊Dark Britannia (England) : performace

◊Tribal Fest Budapest (Hungary) : performance with Vesna Zorman and Violet Scrap as  Ambrosia Glam Tribal



◊ Tribal fusion Full moon Cabaret (Israel ) :  Production and performance

◊ Tribal Fest 2014 (USA ):  Performance

◊Gothla Italy :  Performance

◊ Dark Cabaret (Denmark ) :  Performance

◊ Shadow Dance 2014 (USA ) : performance with Ariellah’s Deshret Dance company and solo prformance

◊ Night of the living Dance (Israel): Production and performance


flyer by: Odonata – Linda Cavaliero


◊ Tribal Umrah festival (France ) : performance

◊ La indiga festival (israel) : Performance and workshops

◊ Tribal Fest Budapest (Hungary) – Performance



◊ Tribal Bash Berlin (Germany) – performance , choreography and troup production with the Tribal Collective

◊ Between Worlds – international dance production made in Suzan Dallal. (Israel ) (Production with Mor Geffen)

◊  the Tribal Collective performance in Gothla UK

◊  Midnight legend- an original production by Elizabeth Zohar with special Guest : Violet scrap.



◊ Tribal Massive Las Vegas – solo performance

◊ Gothla Italy and “Gothic Tribal Fusion” workshop in Switzerland

◊ Gothic Tribal fusion workshop – Dark weekend Copenhagen

◊ The Tribal Collective performance – Gothla Italy